Iconix Issued Tenth Patent

November 30, 2018

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued Iconix’s tenth patent titled “Authenticating and Confidence Marking E-Mail Messages.”

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Iconix Issued Ninth Patent for Email

September 4, 2018

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued Iconix’s ninth patent titled “Rapid Identification of Message Authentication.”


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Iconix Issued Seventh U.S. Patent For Email

September 24, 2015

ICONIX, Inc., the industry leader in visual email solutions, announced on September 15, 2015, that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued Iconix’s seventh patent titled “User interface for email inbox to call attention differently to different classes of email.” The abstract for U.S. Patent 9,137,048, dated September 15, 2015, states: “Sender emails have their Truemarks (icons) displayed in the sender column of a list view” and “fraudulent emails have a fraud icon displayed with a warning in the sender column.”


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Email – The Cockroach of the Internet Which Refuses to Die

July 3, 2014

The New York Times reports on the value of email.


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New Blog Location

June 20, 2013

We recently revised our website.  Our blog is now integrated into our website.  You can find our blog at:


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Consumers More Engaged With Email

March 11, 2011

According to recent research published by Forrester Research, “Consumer Email Attitudes Improve.”, consumers are more engaged with email.  

Forrester compared research conducted since 2006 that showed these very important consumer shifts in email attitudes: 

  • Consumers forward promotional email more often: In 2010, 12% of consumers say they sometimes forward promotional email to others, up from the 10% in 2008, and 9% in 2006.
  • Fewer messages deleted without reading: In 2010, 59% of consumers said they delete most email messages without reading them, down from the 63% in 2008 and the 73% in 2006.
  • Integrate email promotions and personal email: Only 10% of consumers say they have a separate email account they use just for receiving commercial email, down from the 15% in 2008. 

You can read more at: http://www.marketingprofs.com/charts/2011/4596/forrester-user-attitudes-toward-email-improving#ixzz1GFOLJOER

Consumers can make their email experience even better by using eMail ID, and senders can make sure their messages get noticed.  When the eMail ID app is installed, the undifferentiated text of the inbox is transformed into a highly informative visual presentation that makes quick work of finding the emails of interest.

 real obama email

Know Who.  No Doubt.  Email ID.

Iconix Whitepaper – Getting More From Email Authentication

March 7, 2011

Today Iconix released a whitepaper entitled, “Getting More From Email Authentication.”

As the whitepaper describes, Email authentication is a technical means of identifying the sender of email.  When a sender uses email authentication, a public record is created that that can be used by the recipient to verify the identity of the sender.  However, email authentication is a self-issued credential.  The owner of phishing.com can authenticate its email.  Email authentication alone does not solve the problem of bad guys pretending to be good guys.  Email authentication is used by email filtering systems as an important spam indicator.  Unauthenticated email is suspect and is less likely to be delivered.  Additionally, by combining the identity of the sending server (which is determined using email authentication) with email reputation data from vendors such as Return Path, spam filters can be fine-tuned to do a better job of delivering messages that users want.  

Email authentication can help senders get their email into the inbox, but the delivered message looks like all the other messages – lost in a sea of text that makes it hard to find.  Recipients want to find emails of interest that are lost sea of text.  And when they find it, they want to know it’s real!  That is where Iconix comes in.

 animated inbox 3-4-11

Just as you distinguish your goods and services with your trademark, you can now distinguish email you send using the Truemark® service from Iconix.  Using patented and patent pending extensions of email authentication, Iconix marks your email so that your recipients can instantly recognize your messages in the inbox.

To learn more, visit us at http://iconix.com/business/.

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