Google: Security Keys Neutralized Employee Phishing. Really?

July 24, 2018

Recent press reports suggest that Google has solved the phishing problem.  Can this be true?  Learn more at our new blog.


Russian Election Interference = Phishing

July 18, 2018

On July 13, 2018, the Special Counsel indicted 12 Russian GRU agents for interfering in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

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Iconix OpEd Published in Infosecurity Magazine

June 13, 2018

Today our OpEd, DMARC Will Not Make Email Secure, was published in Infosecurity Magazine. We hope you find it interesting.

FBI Internet Crime Statistics

May 21, 2018

On May 7, 2018, the FBI released its report, 2017 Internet Crimes Report.

Which internet crime netted the most money for criminals?  Learn the answer at our new blog.

Successful Phishing – Pretend to be FBI

May 18, 2018

The FBI warns that cyber criminals are sending phishing emails that impersonate the FBI!

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House Intelligence Committee Report on Russian Election Interference

April 27, 2018

Today the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence released its Report on Russian Active Measures.

What does the report tell us about Russian cyberattacks?  Learn more at our new blog.


Italian Soccer Team Loses €2 Million to Phishers

March 30, 2018

It is now being reported that Lazio, an Italian professional soccer club, lost €2 million to phishers.


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