Consumers More Engaged With Email

According to recent research published by Forrester Research, “Consumer Email Attitudes Improve.”, consumers are more engaged with email.  

Forrester compared research conducted since 2006 that showed these very important consumer shifts in email attitudes: 

  • Consumers forward promotional email more often: In 2010, 12% of consumers say they sometimes forward promotional email to others, up from the 10% in 2008, and 9% in 2006.
  • Fewer messages deleted without reading: In 2010, 59% of consumers said they delete most email messages without reading them, down from the 63% in 2008 and the 73% in 2006.
  • Integrate email promotions and personal email: Only 10% of consumers say they have a separate email account they use just for receiving commercial email, down from the 15% in 2008. 

You can read more at:

Consumers can make their email experience even better by using eMail ID, and senders can make sure their messages get noticed.  When the eMail ID app is installed, the undifferentiated text of the inbox is transformed into a highly informative visual presentation that makes quick work of finding the emails of interest.

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