Iconix Whitepaper – Getting More From Email Authentication

Today Iconix released a whitepaper entitled, “Getting More From Email Authentication.”

As the whitepaper describes, Email authentication is a technical means of identifying the sender of email.  When a sender uses email authentication, a public record is created that that can be used by the recipient to verify the identity of the sender.  However, email authentication is a self-issued credential.  The owner of phishing.com can authenticate its email.  Email authentication alone does not solve the problem of bad guys pretending to be good guys.  Email authentication is used by email filtering systems as an important spam indicator.  Unauthenticated email is suspect and is less likely to be delivered.  Additionally, by combining the identity of the sending server (which is determined using email authentication) with email reputation data from vendors such as Return Path, spam filters can be fine-tuned to do a better job of delivering messages that users want.  

Email authentication can help senders get their email into the inbox, but the delivered message looks like all the other messages – lost in a sea of text that makes it hard to find.  Recipients want to find emails of interest that are lost sea of text.  And when they find it, they want to know it’s real!  That is where Iconix comes in.

 animated inbox 3-4-11

Just as you distinguish your goods and services with your trademark, you can now distinguish email you send using the Truemark® service from Iconix.  Using patented and patent pending extensions of email authentication, Iconix marks your email so that your recipients can instantly recognize your messages in the inbox.

To learn more, visit us at http://iconix.com/business/.


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