Phishers Steal $100 Million

August 12, 2015

Federal authorities have shut down a ring of hackers who used techniques such as phishing to infiltrate newswire services to gain access to corporate press releases.

Sec Johnson

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson briefs the press, flanked by U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman and SEC Chair Mary Jo White.

The indictment alleges how the hackers users used phishing to infiltrate the newswire services and how they used anti-forensics to evade detection for five years. Using these press releases, the criminals were able to make money by quickly placing trades before the public had access to the information.  Learn more at our new blog.


Pentagon Spearphished

August 7, 2015

The Pentagon has been infiltrated by a spearphishing attack that targeted the Joint Chiefs.


CNN is reporting that the unclassified email system used by 4,000 users on the Defense Department network has been down for more than 10 days following a sophisticated cyber attack that used spearphishing to compromise the system.

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