About the Iconix® Truemark® Service

Truemark – Visual Email Identification for Consumers

The Truemark® service helps you identify legitimate email messages in your inbox. We use patented and patent-pending technology to verify the authenticity of messages from hundreds of major companies and then display the result in the “from” area so that you’ll know what’s real.

The inbox email markings help you avoid fake messages and the risks associated with them. The markings also help you find legitimate messages quickly and give you the confidence to open and act on those messages.

Truemark illustration

The Iconix eMail ID plug-in is no longer available for download.  Although the Iconix Truemark service continues to mark messages for existing users, it will no longer be updated or supported.  If you would like this capability to be available in your webmail service, please contact your webmail provider and request it.


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