Spearphishing? Deciding Isn’t Easy

Part of the fallout from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) data breach is the need to provide identify protection services to the millions of compromised government employees. In its efforts to provide these services to compromised federal workers, the OPM contracted with a private company.  That contractor, CSID, sent an email with a link to enroll in identity protection services.

ArmyTimes reports that acting upon warnings from the Army Threat Integration Center, Fort Meade’s Cyber Security Network Defense Team identified a message from CSID as a spearphishing attempt. The Fort Meade Cyber Security Network Defense Team warned Army personnel to “close the message immediately and report it as spam to the Cyber Security Network Defense Team,” according to a warning posted on the Fort Meade Facebook page.

fort meade

The message has lots of spearphishing red flags to trigger a warning, but it was real.

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