Spearphishing – The Hack of Choice

Our friends at Trend Micro have just released a study called “Spear-Phishing Email: Most Favored APT Attack Bait” discussing the methods used to infiltrate systems in APT – Advanced Persistent Attacks.  The findings?  91% of targeted attacks arrive via email.   Spearphishing emails deliver their malware using three different delivery methods:

  1. Malicious Attachments, which, when opened, install malware
  2. Malicious Links, which, when clicked and followed, install malware
  3. Other Methods, such as instructions to visit a website or call a telephone number.

Of these methods, the overwhelming favorite used by attackers was malicious attachments.


Source: Trend Micro

In addition to revealing the tactics used in APT, Trend Micro also investigated the intended victims.


Source: Trend Micro

Spearphishers deceive by masquerading as trusted senders. SP Guard from Iconix provides the ability to distinguish real email from spearphishing attacks. You can contact us at 408-727-6342, ext 3 or use our online form.


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