2013 Security Threats — Websense

Websense has release a comprehensive prediction of the security threats for the coming year.  We recommend that anyone interested in the evolving threats and tactics being used to attack systems should read this comprehensive report.

Because Iconix is an email security company, we focused on the email predictions.  Websense predicts that email will continue to be a favorite means of attack. For consumers, this means more deceptive emails that leverage important recurring events (tax time, elections, etc.), current events and clever trickery to lure people into giving up money or credentials.  On the enterprise side, spearphishing will be used to deliver more technically advanced malware that evades detection. Websense provides this foreboding warning:

There are a number of other reasons behind the CSOs’ concern about spear-phishing. For example, most security solutions are designed around a “sacrificial lamb” model where some user, somewhere, must become the first victim. Even behavioral and next-gen technology lacks enough information in the early stages to tell if the “result” will be bad, so they have to wait for something “bad” to happen. Only then do they evaluate the events that led up to the first breach. For normal mass-market threats, the chance that someone in your own organization will be the first victim is small. For a spear-phishing attack, it is 100 percent.

At Iconix, we don’t subscribe to the sacrificial lamb model.  We believe that prevention is an important layer in the multi-layer defensive strategy.  SP Guard from Iconix provides the ability to distinguish real email from spearphishing attacks. You can contact us at  408-727-6342 ,ext 3 or use our online form.


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