Nitro Spearphishing Attacks Resume

In October of 2011 Symantec discovered the Nitro Attacks, a series of spearphishing emails that installed command and control software to steal intellectual property from chemical companies.

Symantec is now reporting on a new series of Nitro Attacks.  In the first round of Nitro Attacks, the hackers sent highly targeted emails which delivered a malicious attachment.  Symantec has found:

In these latest attacks, the attackers have developed a somewhat more sophisticated technique. They are using a Java zero-day, hosted as a .jar file on websites, to infect victims. As in the previous documented attacks, the attackers are using Backdoor.Darkmoon, re-using command-and-control infrastructure, and even re-using file names such as “Flash_update.exe”.  It is likely that the attackers are sending targeted users emails containing a link to the malicious jar file. The Nitro attackers appear to be continuing with their previous campaign.

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