Olympics – Scammers Exploit the Games

The official website of the  London Olympics includes a “Stay Safe Online” page.  The page contains a link to a list of  hundreds of scams that use the Olympic Games as bait to trap the unwary.  The most common scams are fraudulent emails scams

where emails are sent falsely claiming to be from London 2012, or other organisations involved in the Games, but that are actually the first step in a fraud scam. They typically encourage the recipient to reveal information such as bank details or to part with money as an up-front payment in order to release a prize.

In order to help the public avoid fake Olympic websites, the official Olympics website offers a website validation tool.  Regrettably, at the time this posting is being written, that tool isn’t available.

A tool that is available is emailID from Iconix.  emailID marks real email from the London Olympics, making it easy to avoid fake Olympics emails.

Know Who.  No Doubt.  Use eMail ID.


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