Iconix Issued Fifth U.S. Patent for Email

Today the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued Iconix its fifth patent titled “USER INTERFACE FOR EMAIL INBOX TO CALL ATTENTION DIFFERENTLY TO DIFFERENT CLASSES OF EMAIL.” The abstract for U.S. Patent 8,073,910, dated December 6, 2011, states: “A user interface for email users which calls attention to one or more categories of emails in different ways.”  Iconix filed the patent application on March 3, 2005.

Technology from this patent is used in all of the Iconix® offerings, including the Iconix Truemark® service, which helps protect consumer users from phishing attacks, and Iconix SP GuardTM, which protects enterprises from spear-phishing attacks. The Iconix services highlight legitimate email messages with an icon in the inbox and open messages, giving users an intuitive “visual ID” for key email messages, thus allowing them to easily distinguish real from fake. The result is increased trust and confidence in email and increased safety for users and businesses.

US Patent 8,073,910

Learn more by reading the entire press release at:  http://iconix.com/corp/pr-20111207.php


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