Hotel Refund Email Scam

Sophos reports on a new email scam.  In this scam, the bad guys are sending emails that claim to offer a refund for erroneous hotel billings. In order to claim the refund, you must use the attached zip file.  The zip file contains malware which loads a Trojan Horse onto your system. This Trojan Horse can be used to take control over your computer, giving the bad guy the ability to steal your personal information or turn your machine in spam zombie.

What can you do to protect yourself?  You should use the latest version of a reputable security product and install all the security patches for your operating system and applications.  But you need to do more.  You need a product that will identify legitimate emails from many of the leading consumer brands. Distinguishing real email from fake email is hard.  Unless you have the right tool.

Know Who.  No Doubt.  Use eMail ID.


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