Cybercriminals Know Everything About You!

The Wall Street Journal’s Tech Europe reports that cybercriminals are using information they mine from the internet to create very credible fake emails to deceive recipients.

Oliver Crofton, CEO of Vigilante Bespoke, self-described as the world’s first personal digital security company, reported that one of his celebrity clients received an email that appeared to be from the U.K.’s Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency.  The email was linked to a fake website.  According to Crofton:

It [the website] looked exactly like the DVLA website, it had the right branding. It looked absolutely legitimate. It said the tax for his car was up for renewal.

The email had the correct details of his number plate, his home address, his telephone number and his date of birth.

It had so much detail specifically for him.   There were no spelling errors, there were none of the normal tell-tale signs of a normal phishing email.

Iconix recently released a whitepaper about the growing threat created by these highly personalized spearphishing attacks.


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