Iconix Acquires Exclusive Rights to IP Portfolio of Brandmail Solutions

ICONIX, Inc., the industry leader in visual email solutions, announced today that it it has acquired exclusive rights to the intellectual property portfolio of Brandmail Solutions. This acquisition provides Iconix with technology that will enable rapid, large-scale deployment of services that visually identify legitimate messages, thus protecting users and brands from phishing attacks and increasing user engagement with email.

“With the recent wave of data breaches and increased spear-phishing threat to consumers and enterprises, the need for a simple, intuitive indicator of trusted email is greater than ever,” said Jeff Wilbur, vice-president of marketing at Iconix.  “The Brandmail technology dovetails perfectly with ours, and by integrating it with our existing standards-based solutions, we can bring a richer offering to more consumers more quickly.”

You can read the entire press release at:   http://www.iconix.com/corp/pr-20110630.php.


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