HSBC Customers Phished

Naked Security reports on a phishing scam directed at customers of HSBC.

Scammers sent out emails which offered the email recipient free tickets to the Wimbledon matches.

In order to claim the prize, the attached form had to be completed.

The email has some clear signs of being real.  HSBC really sponsors Wimbledon and HSBC really runs a contest to meet Tim Henman.  Unfortunately, the email isn’t from HSBC, there are no free tickets and if the form is completed, the recipient’s identity is stolen.

Naked Security reminds us to always be suspicious of unsolicited emails from your online bank – especially if they ask for information like this. To that we add that you should use the latest version of a reputable security product and install all the security patches for your operating system and applications.  But you need to do more.  You need a product that will identify legitimate emails from many of the leading consumer brands. Distinguishing real email from fake email is hard.  Unless you have the right tool.

Know Who.  No Doubt.  Use eMail ID.


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