eMail ID – eMail Made Better

I get non-personal emails because I want to get them.  I sign up for newsletters and coupons; I buy stuff and get the receipt and shipping data.  My inbox is full of stuff I signed up for.  When I find an email from a sender that interests me, I want it to be from that sender.  

This is my inbox this morning:

before inbox 

What do I care about?  After I read all this stuff, I see an email from the President, 50% off at eBay and PayPal approved me for something.  

Here’s what my inbox looks like with eMail ID:

inbox after

This is much faster to scan than a text inbox.  There’s an email from the President’s staff that I overlooked in the text inbox.  I overlooked the Apple one in the text version.  The Expedia logo caught my attention.  50% off at eBay is a real deal.  And the PayPal one I thought I wanted probably isn’t from PayPal.  I was able to learn all of this with a fast scan of the icons.  

That is eMail made better. That is eMail ID.


One Response to eMail ID – eMail Made Better

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