Filet of Phish – McDonald’s Phishing Scam

appriver’s blog reports a phishing scam which pretends to be a McDonald’s survey.  The fake McDonald’s email offers the recipient a $250 reward for answering five questions.   This is very similar to the recent scam pretending to be a Coke survey

The scam starts with this email:

This email takes the victim to what appears to be a real survey:

“Next” takes the victim to the phishing page — where the identity is stolen:

After completing the fake survey, the victim is taken to the real McDonald’s website, thereby reducing suspicion. 

A similar scam is being conducted against McDonald’s in Australia:

I’m not lovin’ this!  That’s why I use eMail ID.

Know Who.  No Doubt.  eMail ID.


2 Responses to Filet of Phish – McDonald’s Phishing Scam

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Jose Picazo, Iconix® eMail ID. Iconix® eMail ID said: Filet of Phish – McDonald’s Phishing Scam. Protect yourself with eMail ID. […]

  2. […] used a lot of real facts to create a very convincing scam.  Similar scams deceived Coke and McDonald’s consumers.  For consumer facing spear-phishing, Iconix offers its Truemark service.  The Truemark […]

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