The Real Thing?

Coca-Cola sponsors the very popular mycokerewards website.  Over 13 million people have registered at the site to get brand loyalty bonuses. If you are a member of mycokerewards, you want to get special offers from Coke – that’s the whole idea! 

Recently, bad guys sent an email pretending to be a survey from mycokewards. 

The link in the email was a classic phishing website.  This email was not the real thing.  

When you sign up with mycokerewards, you want the real thing – the Real Thing in your cola and the real thing in your email.  As this animation shows, when you are using eMail ID, the real thing from the Real Thing is obvious:

mycokerewards animation

When you want the real thing in email, use eMail ID

Know It’s Real.  No Doubt.  eMail ID.


3 Responses to The Real Thing?

  1. […] appriver’s blog reports a phishing scam which pretends to be a McDonald’s survey.  The fake McDonald’s email offers the recipient a $250 reward for answering five questions.   This is very similar to the recent scam pretending to be a Coke survey.  […]

  2. […] uncle in Nigeria – lots of people have Coke Rewards memberships.  That is why bad guys sent out fake Coke rewards emails that linked to a fake website designed for identity theft.  That sub-set of recipients who had […]

  3. […] The criminals used a lot of real facts to create a very convincing scam.  Similar scams deceived Coke and McDonald’s consumers.  For consumer facing spear-phishing, Iconix offers its Truemark […]

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