Santa Adopts see ME

Merry Christmas.

Even Santa needs to stand out in the inbox.  That is why he is using see ME to share his picture in the inbox.  Because I use see ME, too, I am able to see friends’ pictures in my inbox.

Santa in the inbox

Note that because emails from individuals, like Santa, do not have the integrity of emails from businesses (which have a lot of technical tools to manage their internet presence), Iconix marks Santa and all individuals with a little “i” instead of a check-mark.   

Look what happens when I hover over Santa’s picture:

Santa spring box

When you use the scroll buttons on the sides of the box, you can get to a map that shows the email path.  It shows that Santa “checked in” in Europe when he sent this.

Santa email path

We join Santa in wishing you a Merry Christmas.


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