Is That Email Real?

How hard it is to tell a real email from a fake email?  It is real hard, as the recent confusion at the popular site WOW Insider demonstrated.

Over the last several days, Blizzard, the publisher of leading games such as World of Warcraft, Diablo and Starcraft, responded to a security problem by sending a password reset email to users.  On December 14, WOW Insider, a popular Warcraft blog and information site, warned the WOW community that the password reset email was a phishing attack.  On December 15, WOW Insider retracted the phishing story and advised the WOW community that the password reset email was real.

 Although eMail ID would not have helped in this case because Blizzard emails are not marked by our service, we do mark emails from about 2,000 other senders.  For those senders that we do mark, eMail ID will help avoid the confusion that WOW Insider experienced. 

icons in inbox

Don’t skip that important email.  Know it’s real.  Use eMail ID.


One Response to Is That Email Real?

  1. […] were fooled by a fake email pretending to be from the President.  On the other hand, experts at WOW Insider thought that a real email warning was fake and advised their subscribers to ignore a real security […]

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