2010: The Year of the Phish

Two internet security companies have released reports about phishing.  As you probably know if you follow Iconix, phishing is on-line fraud which is perpetrated by the impersonation of legitimate email senders.  

Symantec reported that one of the top trends in 2010 was the extent of phishing. Symantec estimated that projected approximately 95.1 billion phishing emails for 2010.  

Webroot reported that according to the FDIC phishing losses for small companies were $25 million in the third quarter alone.  Webroot recommends four steps to take to protect against phishing:

  • Install web security
  • Install pop-up blockers
  • Educate, Educate, Educate to learn the signs of phishing
  • Implement policies to protect information.

So, in addition to these recommendations, we suggest using a tool that will help you avoid phishing emails.  By using a tool such as eMail ID, which identifies real emails from thousands of email senders, you can avoid missteps prompted by fake emails.  

Don’t be fooled.  Know it’s real.  Use eMail ID.


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