Black Friday – Too Good To Be True?


Black Friday has arrived and the special offers are overflowing in my inbox.  Many look too good to be true. 

 Here are some offers in my inbox:

black friday before

Is there really a 50% off sale at eBay?  That has to be too good to be true.  Just like the 40% off at Rolex and 80% off at the WatchStore. 

 Now, let’s look at the same inbox with eMail ID activated:

black friday after 

The eBay sale is real!  I know this because the email is marked as real by eMail ID.  Without eMail ID I would not have opened that email — I would have concluded it was fake.  Several other real offers jump off the screen due to the clear logo indicators.  eMail ID acts a visual management system making it easy to spot the things that interest me. 

Have a great holiday season.  Don’t get scammed. Get the deals you want. Get eMail ID.


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