Help – I Want To Find My Specials

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, our thoughts turn to family, friends and holiday shopping.

I don’t know about you, but for me, shopping is both online and old-fashioned brick & mortar.  No matter the shopping venue – virtual or actual – one thing is common for both:  I want a good deal!

Yes, I am on the mailing lists of many retailers driven by a single common purpose – good deals.  While my lust to save money is not as strong as that of Erin Libranda, who was recently profiled in the Wall Street Journal, I do want my specials. 

I enjoy the convenience of getting specials in email.  I appreciate the specials that target the stuff I like.  And I really like the fact that with eMail ID, email from my preferred retailers stands out in my inbox.  Likewise, knowing who sent the email allows me to avoid those pesky emails to which my spouse subscribes. 

inbox with icons

I can go right to the offers from my favorite sellers on eBay and quickly by-pass the stuff that doesn’t interest me right now.  I hadn’t thought about travel.  I see Expedia has deal for me.  Knowing who sent it at a glance – that’s eMail ID.


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